Can DUI Attorneys Represent Me If I Was Driving With A Suspended License?

Choosing to drive with a suspended license is a very risky endeavor. Court systems and judges tend to have very little tolerance for those who drive under the influence while their license has been suspended and rightfully so. If you’ve made this crucial error in judgment, you may feel like there are no options available to you.

However, a DUI attorney will still represent you even if you were driving with a suspended license. While the offense is far more serious than a garden variety DUI, there are DUI attorneys ready to help you navigate the peaks and valleys of the legal system.

Depending on the severity of the DUI charge and whether any other drivers or passengers were injured as a result of your reckless decision, you may be able to have your license reinstated. If the DUI attorneys who take your case can prove to the court that your license was suspended for reasons that were beyond your control, this works to your advantage.

For example, your license may not be suspended due to any criminal behavior and you might have driven not knowing your license was not valid. Perhaps there was a mix up with your address and your license was suspended due to unpaid parking tickets. Or, you moved to a new city or state and did not have the chance to renew your license in time.

A DUI attorney’s job is to perform a thorough investigation of the circumstances behind your suspended license and explain these events in court. Obviously, if your license has been suspended due to past DUIs and it is proven that you were knowingly driving under the influence again with a suspended license, it becomes much more challenging for DUI attorneys to prove your innocence.

Defendants often make the mistake of assuming that they are already guilty and not hiring any DUI attorneys to help plead their case. Both the DUI and the suspended license could have happened until false pretenses and it would be impossible for the client to know. There is no reason to simply lay down and accept a punishment without a fight.

You might not get your case dropped or earn an acquittal, but DUI attorneys specialize in making sure your charges are lowered to something more manageable. Rather than being forced to spend time behind bars, your attorney can suggest probation, fines or rehabilitation in lieu of a harsher punishment.

Even if you were driving with a suspended license, it is still strongly advised that you hire experienced DUI attorneys to represent you. You may be able to get your license restored or plead guilty to a lesser charge, avoiding jail time. Hiring DUI attorneys guarantees a best case scenario outcome for your case.

Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Represent Me In Other Areas Of Law?

When it comes to choosing a personal injury lawyer, the selection you make is what will likely decide your case. Clients whose current legal proceedings are taking place in different areas of the law are often curious as to whether they can hire a personal injury lawyer to represent them in these areas.

The answer depends on the particulars of your case. A client will want a lawyer who is experienced in the area of the law that their case covers. While hiring a personal injury lawyer, especially one you are already comfortable with may seem like the best idea, it can lead to issues down the road when the lawyer is not familiar with the laws governing your case.

A client must hire a personal injury lawyer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, regardless of which area of the law their case deals with. For example, the client could be facing a DUI case. If their choice is between an inexperienced DUI lawyer with no history of winning cases or a personal injury lawyer who also happens to have years of experience in dealing with DUI related cases, the selection process is simple.

Regardless of what area of law your case falls under, you must hire a personal injury lawyer who can guarantee you the best chance of a win. No lawyer, no matter what their specialty is, can absolutely guarantee a victory. That’s why it’s important to trust your instincts and choose the lawyer who you are most comfortable with, from a knowledge and expertise standpoint.

A personal injury lawyer typically also has a staff on hand to aid them in providing services to a variety of different clients. When choosing a lawyer to represent you in other areas of the law, you must also evaluate the legal staff’s ability to help you. The main personal injury lawyer at the firm may not have the experience in the area of the law that you need, but it’s also possible that their staff does.

Unless the lawyer you meet with is able to fully explain your case to you, in addition to their strategy to help you win, then it does not matter what area of the law they practice in. Their method for building your case is the most important factor when deciding which lawyer to hire.

If a personal injury lawyer has a winning strategy for your criminal case, then hire them. If not, you should seek someone with more knowledge of your particular case.

Don’t let yourself be swayed by past experiences. When choosing a lawyer, it does not matter if you select a personal injury lawyer, criminal lawyer, or traffic lawyer, as long as they have the knowledge necessary to defend you to the best of their abilities.

Will DUI Attorneys Get My License Back?

Losing your driver’s license is one of the worst experiences an adult can go through. Instead of being able to take yourself to work each day, go grocery shopping, pick up your kids, or head off to enjoy a night on the town, you’re now marooned at home. Getting your driving privileges revoked can have severe, far reaching consequences on your ability to make a living or parent your kids. That’s why many who’ve been arrested for DUI enlist DUI attorney in hopes of getting their license back.

But will these DUI attorneys get the license back? This depends on a wide range of factors. First and foremost, you must act quickly if you’d like to be able to regain your license. Since the officer who arrested you most likely confiscated your license, this gives you a limited amount of time before the temporary placeholder expires or the allotted time limit for you to schedule a hearing is over.

Family oriented clients who’ve maintained a solid employment track record have a far greater chance of retaining their license than those who have not. DUI attorneys are not miracle workers. If you’re chronically unemployed, with prior offenses on your record, and no family to speak on your behalf, you will certainly be fighting an uphill battle to keep your license.

During your hearing that will decide if your license is reinstated, it is important that you and your DUI attorneys are on the same page. Many clients make the mistake of lying to their attorney and telling the truth in the hearing and vice versa. However, if the judge presiding over your hearing finds there to be excessive holes in your story, they will likely recommend that your license remain suspended.

Your past criminal record is a major factor in whether DUI attorneys can help you to regain your license. Obviously, a person with no criminal record who has just received their first DUI is a far better candidate for leniency than the defendant who has been in court already for the same offense.

Having a boss, family members and respected pillars of the community who are able to give testimony or write letters pleading your case makes a huge difference in the eyes of a judge and gives your DUI attorneys some pieces to work with when building your case.

DUI attorneys can get your license back, but a potential client must use their common sense. If the DUI is a first offense, then clearly the chances of getting a license reinstated are much higher than they would be for a repeat offender. But no person should have to suffer undue punishment for making one mistake. Hiring DUI attorneys ensures that you will not have to.

Will An Injury Attorney Get My Medical Bills Covered

If you have a personal injury that needs medical assistance and cures, it is important to understand who will pay those bills. Even though the law is different according to every state in the United States of America and to the case, there are some general rules that are the same. Your injury attorney will explain how the proceeding works. In general, at the beginning you will be responsible for the payment of the medical bills, unless another agreement has been found between the injury attorney and the medical provider. This is the most logical thing since the client will be using your health insurance to cure him or herself after the accident.

Generally, if the accident is “no fault” the person who hurt the client-to-be does not need to pay any medical expenses. On the contrary, if the accident is “at fault”, the law specifically requires that the person who hurt the client-to-be must pay your medical bills until the person recovery completely from the accident. This is especially true when the accident becomes a lawsuit and in order to solve it, the person who caused the accident must pay all damages, which will include the person medical bills. However, as stated before, the defendant must pay the bills when they arrive since he or she used the personal health insurance.

When the client decides to turn to an injury attorney for a lawsuit, the lawyer will explain how the settlement is composed. In fact, medical bills are a component of the settlement for the defendant accident. Besides the immediate cures that the defendant will need, the injury attorney will also add all future cures and treatments that she or he will need in order to recovery from the accident. In this way, the defendant is completely protected and his or her recovery will be covered.

In the specific situation of personal injury the injury attorney will ask the defendant to sign the so called Letters of Protection (also known as LOP). This letter is an agreement between the medical provider and the injury attorney. Based to this letter the provider agrees to do not receive any payment until the lawsuit is won or settled. Other times, the Letters of Protection asks the injury attorney to pays the bills before the defendant receive the settlement. Therefore, before the client receives the check. The Letters of Protection is included in the contract that the client signs with the injury attorney. The injury attorney must explain the letter to the client. This letter is just a way to protect both the injury attorney and the doctor who will cure the defendant. It is a normal procedure in this type of lawsuit.

How Long Can A Columbus Immigration Lawyer Keep Me In The Country For?

The goal of your Columbus immigration lawyer will be to keep you in the country indefinitely or until you are ready to return to your home country. Your attorney will help you make decisions about your case so that you will not be deported. If you are granted a granted a green card they are valid for 2 years or 10 years. Some visas are valid for 6 months, certain student visas may only be valid for 30 or 60 days. The office of Immigration and Naturalization will make a determination when the green card or visa is granted.

If you are going through the deportation process the length that your Columbus immigration lawyer will be able to keep you in the country will depend on your defense. There are six defenses that you can take to allow you to remain in the country:

1. Citizenship – if you are granted citizenship you will be able to remain in the country indefinitely.

2. Cancellation of removal – after the cancellation is granted you can then apply for measures that help you to stay in the country either for up to 10 years or indefinitely.

a. 212 (c) Waiver will need to be filed if you have a criminal conviction

3. Asylum can be granted if returning to your home country will cause you harm or you are in fear of being harmed because of religion, race, nationality, political opinion, ,or member of a particular group.

4. Adjustment status by getting married, becoming 21, or your parent is a United States citizen you can then get a green card.

5. Cancellation of removal and suspension if you have never had any criminal convictions, you have good standings in the community and with your employer you can be granted a suspension of deportation.

6. Refugee waiver – as long as you are deemed admissible your refugee status can be reinstated.

Once your deportation has been stopped, you can then work on measures that keep you in the country indefinitely. Citizenship is granted when you become a green card holder for at least 5 years. You must also be at least 18 years old, and have been in the same state for at least 3 months. To be a citizen you must also be a decent person with good moral character. If it is deemed that you are not admissible then you will not be granted citizenship, however if you were allowed to stay based on the six reasons above then you are a good candidate for citizenship.

Your Columbus immigration lawyer will work to keep you in the country until you decide that you want to return to your home country. While your case is being prepared you will be required to stay in the United States and comply with all laws. If at any time your status changes you will need to let your attorney know.

All cases are different so disclosing all the facts to your Columbus immigration lawyer will ensure that he can help you prepare the best defense.